The Purge

This blog is to catalogue my journey through 2 or more weeks of what is basically a cocaine withdraw. Sugar is the most addictive substance on the planet and we consume SO much of it, it’s quite disgusting.

Years ago, I did a sugar cleanse and purged almost all sugar from my system. It was the worst. For two weeks I was a monster, stomping my way through life and crushing those I deemed unworthy of my presence (which was most everyone). I’m surprised I wasn’t fired from my retail job at the time because I constantly snapped at everyone, employees and customers alike. Fortunately, it only lasted for 2 weeks and afterwards I slept better, had less of an appetite, was able to refuse sugar, lost weight, and gained energy! Slowly my sugar intake has gone back up and due to some personal emotional struggles I shall strive to do it again in the hopes I can gain back some footing on my emotions!

In this blog will be honest about what I’ve eaten and what I wish I could have eaten, I will be brutal about the physical and emotional side effects of sugar withdraw, and I will record what happens when hell has finally been drained from my system.

I’m not just trying to lose weight, I am mainly doing this because sugar is a terrible substance that currently rules my life. I need to break the chains or bust through the wall, or whatever metaphor you find the most useful. I feel that if I can do that, my mental and physical health will improve.

I am beginning the purge tonight, here are my rules:

  • Replace sugar with honey
  • Cut out soda, pasta, bread, carby snacks (like goldfish or chex mix) and most cereals.
  • Allow bran flakes with honey for breakfast
  • Allow sugar substitutes (stevia, honey, sugar-free candy)
  • Allow everything else (no limiting salt or fat, no forcing exercise)
  • Continue purging until the withdraw is over (at least until 1/24/17)

There are some things that in a perfect world I’d love to do (like making myself exercise), but this withdraw is no joke, and if it’s anything like before, forcing exercise will make it worse. If one day I feel like jogging or going to Zumba, I will, but it’s not absolutely necessary for these first two weeks. My focus is just on cleansing my body of all the excess sugar I ingest.

Wish me luck!


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