Day 1a

Good morning everyone!

I woke up this morning with a little headache so I’m a little scared for the rest of this week. Last night I had my daughter and so I had a few fries, 2 1/2 chicken nuggets, and about 4 oz of sprite. After she went to bed, I had about a cup of Shepherds Pie and a sugar free yogurt smoothie. And water, lots of water.

This morning, I have a cup of coffee with sugar free creamer and a Stevia packet. I kind of hate it, but I can’t deprive myself of caffeine as well, I don’t hate myself THAT much!

I spoke to one of my coworkers who is a super health nut to see if she had any ideas, and as she was giving me suggestions, it hit me that it wasn’t replacing sugar with other things (like sugar-free snacks or fruit) that was the tough part of this purge. The difficult part is not having the sugar. Even if I’m completely full during this challenge, I will still crave the sweet stuff. She asked me if maybe I have an eating disorder and…I honestly don’t know.

What I do believe is that I have a true addiction, and that is how I’m treating this. That’s why I’m going cold turkey with most of the sugars and carbs in my diet. I’ve tried tapering off in the past but it just doesn’t work because its the sugar I need. I’m drinking my coffee this morning, and all I can think is how gross it is and how much I wish I just had sugar in it. For lunch, I’ve got chicken and a little rice plus cashews and a banana. We’ll see what happens by the end of today.

Check in with you in the pm!


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