Day 1p

The following post was written last night but because of the rough day I had it was not uploaded until right now:


Good evening,

My head is killing me, my phone has caused me nothing but problems, and I’m STARVING. Well I was. I’m now home, my phone finally works(I have been without communication for almost a week), I still have a headache, but my belly is no longer trying to eat itself.

To follow up from this morning: after breakfast I had roasted chicken and gravy with a banana and some cashews. I didn’t have anything else until just now, hence the ravenous-ness (that’s totally a word). I am now eating a huge bowl of home-made tomato soup with 5 “healthy” corn tortillas, and two entire squashes cut into disks and roasted with paprika and garlic salt. mmm….For “dessert” I had the rest of my sugar free yogurt smoothie. Then I stared at my Oreos and wept.

I’m too exhausted to do anything right now, so off to bed to catch up on SNL and sleep my headache away (I hope).

TTY in the AM!


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