Day 2a

Good morning!

I woke up with no headache this morning! Yay! So I’m hoping it was just the weather outside that was causing it. I’m hoping anyway.

My coffee was so gross yesterday, I made a concession. I have a 1/2 cup of coffee with one creamer and 1/2 tsp of raw sugar. That’s my allowance. The sugar free stuff I just couldn’t drink again, but without soda I have no idea how else I’m going to get my caffeine.

Along with my 1/4 cup of coffee that I actually drank (because 1/2 tsp of sugar is not nearly enough), I ate a tiny home made bran muffin with buttermilk, honey, a little sugar, and unsweetened apple sauce. Not too bad. I’m not satisfied, but not dying either, so yay?

I ate all my food last night and didn’t feel up to cooking, SO I will most likely go somewhere to get lunch. One of my coworkers was super sweet and gave me a cup with a juicer at the top so I can infuse my water with yummy natural sweetness!

I also bought a lot of sugar free snacks yesterday in the hopes that will help: mint patties, Werthers, and mint Life Savers. They’re not too bad, as I recall so maybe it will stave off the beast in my brain that demands that sweet sweet candy.

Lol, I think I have a problem. And this is why I’m doing this to myself. Oh crap, headache is starting to come back…maybe it’s still the weather? You know, because I’m 80??

Check in again tonight!


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