The Beast

I’ve decided I have two different kinds of hunger: real and not real. The not real hunger is controlled by The Beast. He’s this metaphorical little monster that lives in my stomach and keeps making it growl even when I’m full!

At lunch I had a handful of roasted green beans, steamed broccoli, chicken, a salad with spinach and bacon bits and an egg, and lemon/honey water! And STILL The Beast was complaining!

Why you may wonder? It is because The Beast is not interested in normal food, no, The Beast is only interested in…you guessed it, sugar. It’s not getting theĀ  carbs and sweets I normally give it, and now is throwing a little tantrum. This would be fine, if it didn’t make me feel like I needed to continue eating to shut him up. Sigh. At least most of what I’m eating is super healthy and won’t just go straight to my thighs….hopefully!


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