Day 2p

I’m sitting in bed, finishing a small amount of popcorn, and my cat has decided to hijack my bowl. This means war.

Actually the rest of the day went surprisingly well, even though I had no extra sweets! After some sugar free candy, and a sugar free tea, I’m ready for tomorrow!

Hope springs eternal, but I know it will get worse before it gets better so…we shall see.

I spoke to a friend of mine today about my diet and came to a startling conclusion. I have the WORST memory. Apparently about 2 years ago I did this challenge for a second time! I truly don’t remember it and it’s a little disturbing that that much of my life is missing…it feels like my car is my brain and it’s smashed into a building before you realize, oh, you hit the gas not the break pedal.

So aside from that depressing fact that I feel I have been lied to…by myself…I am also disheartened because I didn’t keep it up at all. All I can do now is focus on today and the next two weeks because I’m hoping to make a lifestyle change that will carry me through for years to come.

We have a weight loss contest at work, and I started this challenge a few days ago. Tomorrow is our weigh-in so I’ll let you know if I’m happy or want to burn all my chocolate and potato chips.



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