Day 3a

Ugh, good morning? Have a slight headache today, super congested, and a little foggy. Not horrible, I am currently blaming the insane weather, not the lack of anything delicious in my tummy.

This morning I had a bowl of Bran Flakes with honey and a small glass of Ovaltine (don’t knock it, it’s delicious). I am now chewing sugar-free gum to keep my mouth busy and confused, hopefully.

The Beast has not really let up, I’m constantly hungry even when I’m full, but I’m optimistic that I can make it through.

At work I weighed myself and according to the scale I’ve actually lost almost 4 pounds since Monday! I’m hoping that’s accurate, everyone else seems satisfied with their weigh-in numbers even if they didn’t lose anything lol. Everyone has also been really sweet checking in on me to see how I’m doing.

Currently, I’m just feeling tired. Not like sleepy though yeah, that too, but more weary. My arms are weak and I feel sluggish. Like a sloth! And who doesn’t love sloths right? Other than the cute creature being associated with a deadly sin, it seems perfectly harmless. And adorable. And happy!

Moving on, I have no idea what I’m doing for lunch, I have a Subway gift card so maybe they have soup or something, plus the rest of my cashews and this organic fruit leather which honestly sounds like edible underwear, but regardless, we shall push through one more day!

Talk to you tonight!


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