Day 3p

I feel sorry for my food. I made this delicious dinner of a turkey burger, kale chips, and mashed cauliflower and as good as it was, it left me unsatisfied. My poor food! I am not appreciating it enough! It was delicious! But I hated it lol. All I wanted was a milkshake and fries. Mmmm…and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

Anyway, I’m making myself even more hungry. I don’t feel as bad as I have in the past, so maybe my body is saying “you’re getting older, it’s time you cut out this silly junk food nonsense” and is actually rewarding me for eating well!….Eh, I can dream.

I have kept myself quite busy the last few days so that has helped with the distraction, however tonight, it was just me myself and I have playing Stick of Truth and eating sugar free candy. 

Actually, come to think of it, I did achieve something this evening…before going to bed, I was planning on having a little popcorn. But I didn’t. I thought about it and listened to my stomach and I decided against it. That’s a victory right? I’m going to count it!

Have a great night, I’ll check back tomorrow!


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