Day 7a

Good morning! I’m sitting in school waiting for class to start (oh have I mentioned that not only am I a single working mom of a toddler with two jobs, but I’m also finishing my degree??) and I’m having my lunch. Which consists of the delicious tomato soup and green beans. For breakfast I had a really yummy smoothie with protein.

I have a bran muffin I’ll eat for snack and for dinner I’m thinking turkey burger….yeah:) anyway, I don’t have Advil with me so I’ll have to take it as soon as I get to work, but hopefully it won’t be too bad at that point in the day.

Believe it or not I am starting to turn a corner. When I ate my smoothie this morning that had a little orange juice and fresh fruit, it was actually too sweet for me! Before I could spoon pure sugar and honey into my mouth and be fine, now fructose is starting to be too sweet for me! This is a great point to hit because it’s when the cravings begin to subside. I still want carbs, but can now live without sugar. Woohoo!!


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