Day 6p

Well today was a success! I took Advil around lunch time and, while it didn’t completely go away, made it so I could enjoy my daughter and cook. Hooray!

So now I just need to get control on the middle of the day “I’d rather starve than eat that” phase.

Tonight we had unsweetened applesauce, mashed cauliflower, steamed green beans, and kale chips. Amazingly, my daughter loved all of it! Not that she doesn’t love good food it’s just that she’d never had the cauliflower and kale chips before. I’m super proud of her!

One thing that has been a benefit of this process is how it’s forced me to be creative with cooking and therefore I’ve made things I normally wouldn’t have. But now I know they’re good, healthy, and even kid friendly, my culinary world is opening up!

I actually can’t wait until tomorrow!


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