Day 7p

Well….I was so good up till now… but something snapped in me tonight. There was a hunger I couldn’t take. And I did it. I had a small handful of dark chocolate m and ms and a few pretzels. And I didn’t gingerly savor them one at a time. I smashed them in my mouth like they were about to go bad. I am so disappointed in myself.

Maybe it wasn’t devastating to my sugar cleanse, but it feels like it! I’ve done so well up to now that cheating seems so detrimental, though I know it’s not. I could have eaten half a box of Oreos I have in my kitchen, but I didn’t. I could have eaten the rest of the ice cream in the freezer, but I didn’t.

My mom always tells me I am too hard on myself, but I don’t feel that I’ll get any better if I allow myself to cheat!

The only thing I can do from here is move on and get back on track. Sigh. One step forward….


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